Why You Should Bet on The Future of E-commerce.


Aside from clever references to pop culture describing the upcoming wave of online retailers, the highly competitive nature of eCommerce today is not something to be scoffed at.

With the sudden influx of e-Commerce sales, brands of all sizes are now struggling to catch up with each other, going out with stellar website designs and digital marketing strategies to drive their online sales to the roof.

And while the majority are dragging their feet against changing the tide, e-Commerce is here to stay and is becoming an indispensable part of future businesses. Here’s the reason:

The Globalization of A Digital Age

The Internet is coming with connectivity. And connectivity is the biggest shift in cross-border e-commerce as digital connectivity and data flow increase.

By avoiding restrictions on physical borders, consumers can shop within the comfort of their own home and receive promotional emails that encourage them to browse e-Commerce websites.

This is demonstrated by the use of global trends and ideas, such as Amazon and Alibaba, as well as Zalora and Carousell, in South East Asia, to engage their target market.

(That’s why we’ve got flash sales on Black Fridays and the Holiday Season — you don’t need to physically push someone away from your well-earned spoils at the mall.)

A World Gone Mobile

Exhibit A: We have mobile apps for almost everything from grocery shopping, F&B services, fashion, gaming, and so on … you get the idea.

And, according to the Javelin Strategy forecast, mobile technology dominates online commerce with an estimated 42% and is expected to grow by $218 billion by 2019.

Point is, almost every one of us owns a tablet or a smartphone. Even the 3-year-olds have iPads.

It’s a huge market with a lot of potentials, that’s what we’re saying.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Joining The Bandwagon

It’s not to say that they are falling behind – on the contrary, e-Commerce only accounts for 11,9% of global retail shares.

But as we move forward with the times, so is the way we shop. And that means a change of mentality in order for traditional retailers to regain their edge.

Taking a page from their online competitors, brick-and-mortar stores are now paying more attention to branding themselves further on the Internet, creating their own eCommerce websites, and improving their social media presence.

Instead of struggling to keep your head above the water, sometimes the flow is better.

E-Commerce is Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Everyone wants to be at the top of the ladder in every industry.

And there are a lot of ways to get there, but what makes your brand different from the rest is to create the best e-Commerce websites for both user experience and SEO optimization because:

  1. You hit hard without wasting energy or expenses, showcasing your product or service through a personalized e-commerce store.
  2. You can improve your business by collecting data on trends and behaviors in your target market.
  3. With the convenience of technology, you’re faster. It’s never been easier to engage your target market.
  4. Your brand is getting stronger with e-commerce. (Remember, the Internet is your oyster.

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